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Towards the Metaverse: Avatar Medical Forum

The Avatar Medical Forum primarily advocates the concept of utilizing virtual and physical avatars in patient treatment, aiming to raise awareness about the potential of avatar-based healthcare to reduce risks associated with traditional treatments. Additionally, it highlights the ability of avatar-based healthcare to overcome limitations posed by distance and time constraints.

The promotion at the technological level encompasses areas such as artificial organs, bio-mimicry, big data, and the metaverse, among others. It aims to provide the general public with a fresh perspective on how these technologies hold the potential to replace the patient's own functions and mitigate risks in medical treatments. Furthermore, it seeks to foster collaboration between academia and industry, enabling promising technologies or products to gain visibility and exposure.

This forum has invited influential speakers from industry, government, academia, and research sectors to share insights on the transformative changes and developments in avatar-based healthcare brought about by the post-pandemic era.

With the integration of big data, AI, AR/VR/XR, or NFT, it is envisaged that virtual avatars can soon be realized for clinical and educational applications.

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